A dynamic sales platform with beautiful galleries designed to help build your business while you focus on the parts you love.


  • Quick sign-up without the painful paperwork!
  • No hidden fees.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • You set your own pricing, including free downloads.
  • Pre-register clients for a personalised gallery.
  • Password protect your galleries.
  • Secure credit card or EFT payments.

How It Works

Simply plugin:

  • Your details
  • Gallery preferences

Client Galleries

  • Create gallery
  • Upload images
  • Set your pricing

Easy Browsing

  • Share gallery with customers at the click of a button

Residual Income

  • Start selling!
  • Cloud Burst takes care of all your sales and deliveries, and makes monthly payments out to you

Price List

Paid packages include unlimited digital downloads and shares

Always Free


R 160/month


R 270/month


R 360/month


Always Free


R 1600/annum


R 2700/annum


R 3600/annum


Use what you need. No long-term commitment.

Upload low- or high-res files, up to 20MB per photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a free, no credit card required package that can be used for a trial or on a permanent basis. The free package allows most options but does not allow digital downloads.
Yes, except for the free package all other packages allow free digital downloads (if activated by you). CB will, however, charge you a small fee for all digital downloads, including free downloads, to cover admin and hosting fees.
Yes, you can set your own prices.
Yes, select the plan that you feel you currently need, taking into account the maximum number of images allowed on the plan. You can then upgrade or delete images as per your requirements. CB will notify you when you have reached the maximum number of images for the plan.
Yes, if you have already purchased a plan, you can switch to another plan by going to Profile > plan: billing... section and making your selection. For upgrades your debit order in the following month will reflect the cost of your new package as well as a pro-rata charge for any days on the higher package the previous month. For downgrades a pro-rata credit will be passed to your CB account that can be used against future costs. No cash refund can be claimed.
Cancelling your subscription plan is an easy, no questions asked process. You will be entitled to use CB for the full period that payment has been made for. As we have incurred costs No cash refunds can, however, be claimed.
Yes, CB is web based and may be used and activated on Windows/PC and Mac computers.
We currently only support English.
We have made the system as secure as possible in protecting the site by being SSL Certificated and making use of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the hosting and archival Services. No method of data storage and/or transmission is, however, 100% secure. We recommend that you sign up with a reputable company for your own protection against malware / spyware / viruses.

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